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We are always looking for new routes so if you feel there is a route you know of that should be added to the site, please contact us by filling in the form on the link below.

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Information changes regularly, so if you notice anything that is incorrect, please let us know by clicking the link below.

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Members of the horse riding public can use some cycle routes, all bridleways, permissive bridleways, restricted byways and byways open to all traffic. All of these are marked on Ordnance Survey maps. Please remember that these are shared routes and due consideration should be given to other users. In addition some urban commons in the South Pennines have open access for horse riders. You need to research these rights individually through your Local Authority as every one is different!

Further advice for horse riders can be found at the British Horse Society website BHS

The Countryside Code applies to all parts of the countryside and most of it is just good commonsense. The Code applies in England and Wales and helps make clear what the responsibilities are for both the public and the people who manage the land. The current version was launched in July 2004 and can be viewed at Countryside Code

There are five sections of the Code, dedicated to helping members of the public respect, protect and enjoy the countryside.

� Be safe, plan ahead and follow any signs
� Leave gates and property as you find them
� Protect plants and animals and take your litter home
� Keep dogs under close control
� Consider other people

Moorland code

The more specialised Moorland Code is based on the Countryside Code and you can read a copy on the North Pennines website Moorland Code
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