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We are always looking for new routes so if you feel there is a route you know of that should be added to the site, please contact us by filling in the form on the link below.

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Information changes regularly, so if you notice anything that is incorrect, please let us know by clicking the link below.

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This website is new. It's a great project. We aim to build the site until it is a really comprehensive directory of walking, cycling and riding routes in the South Pennines. We need your help to do this as you are the one's out there walking, cycling and riding in our glorious Pennine landscape.

A new walk that has been added to the site recently is the Bramhope Circular near Otley.  This takes you from the village of Bramley through the Chevin Forest Park and up to Surprise View.  This is a good family walk with places to eat and drink and get that all important ice cream.

Another new route is the Brockholes Circular near Holmfirth, a surprising walk with lots of different landscapes in a short distance.

The most downloaded walk on the site at the moment is the Meltham Way near Holmfirth.  This lovely walk takes you from the village of Meltham up onto the moors at the edge of the Peak District, along the catchwater to Blackmoorfoot Reservoir and the views over the Colne Valley.  From there it is a descent into a wooded valley and another climb and descent before you emerge by the reservoir in Meltham.

Help us make this a really interactive site - get in touch. Use the feedback button on this page to contact us.

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